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When I was young…

imageWhen I’d eat cereal I used to imagine the bits of Lucky Charms freaking out because they knew they’d be next to get eaten. When I ate Cheerios I’d make sure I wasn’t eating kids who accidentally got shrunk and fell into my bowl. When I was in the car and it was raining I’d watch the windshield wipers go back and forth and imagined they were chasing one another. I didn’t eat gummy worms. I kept them in a paper bag and carried them around like they were pets. I couldn’t bare to hurt their feelings. When I’d see a dead animal on the side of the road I’d cry and say, “but why?” When I sat in the backseat of a car I’d pretend I was the driver-I’d steer my imaginary steering wheel & click my pretend blinker. I used to play bank with my cousins-I’d carry my briefcase and pretend I had lots of money. I’d play boat with my brother and we’d jump off and swim around the house in our rain jackets. I collected pamphlets wherever I went and I’d keep them because I just thought they were cool. I invented board games & was president of my girls only club. I built tents. I chased the ice cream man. I rode my bike with friends from the moment I woke up until the street lights came on. I collected rocks and painted them with nail polish, except for those white ones that appeared to have glitter in them-they were too pretty to paint. I had butterfly jeans and I wore jelly bracelets. I cried when my hair wouldn’t go right & be late to my basketball games. I got into shaving cream fights with my uncles. I stomped on grapes at the family wine festivals. I searched for a paper egg the size of my thumb nail on Easter. I took mini vacations with my aunts, uncles and cousins & witnessed my brother get stuck in a telephone booth. I used to kick all my boy cousins asses at football (any sport for that matter)-my uncles always named me MVP. I played Girl Talk and Mall Madness. I had a Swatch phone. I dialed rotary phones and I got busy signals. I’d make prank calls to random numbers out of the yellow pages. I watched my dad read the newspaper at the table every day. I had an easy bake oven & made brownies in it. I played Cat Family. I’d go Christmas caroling with my family on Christmas Eve & people answered their doors and appreciated it. I took magic carpet rides. I’d eat eggs with cheese-it was the government cheese my Baci & Grandma got when they traveled to Cleveland for it. I had a white ticket for lunch at school and I’d always lose it. My grandma would leave me notes in my lunch when she’d pack for me. I went to church every Sunday & sometimes my Grandma & I would walk there. I went miniature golfing and to drive-in movies. I’d run through my family’s corn fields when I played hide-and-seek. I played flashlight tag & kick the can. I wrote notes to my friends. I camped at my uncle’s farm & listened to my uncle’s band-where they only had bazookas and called themselves the Care So Much band. I played King of the dock. I jumped on trampolines and ran through sprinklers….

I couldn’t wait to turn ten because it was double digits. Then I couldn’t wait to turn 13 because I’d officially be a teenager. I yearned for 16 so I could start driving. I looked forward to 18 because I was officially an adult. And then 21 because I could legally drink…
Before I knew it I was 25 & 30 & now 37.
Oh how I wish I could go back into time and be a little kid again & truly appreciate all the wonderful, fun, careless, innocent moments I took for granted back then.


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December 31, 2015 · 9:05 PM