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Why I started a blog

A Dash of This & A Pinch of That With Some Sarcasm on The Side

image A mom blogger secretly hoping to get famous & end up on Ellen, married for ten years, currently residing with our three children (13 years to go!)
I’m VERY sarcastic. I have a dry sense of humor. I have a serious problem overusing ‘LOL’, I love talking with people about their lives (I’m genuinely interested). I try to get into the soul of every person I meet in life. Everyone has a story, right? It’s insanely fascinating to me! (Is that cheesy?)
I will be discussing:
•Life-We are in this crazy thing together! I discuss the good, the bad, & the ugly.
• Motherhood-How can one job be SO incredibly rewarding & exhausting all @ once?
• Kids-What crazy little creatures, right? Kudos to them for keeping me on my toes.
• Health & fitness-Staying fit is important to me. I enjoy running. I’m a four time half marathoner.
• Book & Product Reviews-I am a review junkie! So, I enjoy writing reviews myself.
• Easy recipes-I’m no pro chef but I can whip up great meals using every day staples.
• My crafty creations-I’m a creative soul & I love sharing my ideas & creations.
• Tuesday’s Truths-Revealing my Dirty Secrets in hopes you’ll reveal yours!
• Snapshot Sunday-I am a born photographer! I’ll share my favorite photos with you on my least favorite day of the week.

Find Three Little Apples on FB! Follow me on Twitter @three_lilapples. Check out my Instagram three_lilapples Let’s share ideas, vent, laugh, cry, talk about nothing & everything!

My family!

My family!


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