Cookie Secrets

I don’t know about you but I LOVE homemade chocolate chip cookies…MY homemade chocolate chip cookies. Perhaps I’m a little bias but I swear they’re the best!

While I promote clean eating and healthy foods we all deserve our cheat days-days to indulge in some of our favorite treats, and that’s ok. If we didn’t allow ourselves to enjoy some of our favorite goodies then life just wouldn’t be very much fun!

With that said, I decided to make some good old fashioned chocolate chip cookies yesterday. I like them nice and fluffy.  So, what’s my trick? I add more flour and a teaspoon of white vinegar into the mix! Yep…vinegar! Don’t worry, you absolutely cannot taste the vinegar…I PROMISE!

My husband and kids LOVE when I make them my famous cookies!

What’s your favorite homemade treat!?! 🙂



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