Shabby Chic 4th of July Wreath


I love the 4th of July! Actually, I like any holiday where I don’t have to buy gifts, there’s lots of food and I get to spend time with my family. Thanksgiving is my favorite, The 4th of July is a close second, and I REALLY love Halloween.

I have decorations for all the holidays but I don’t have much for Independence Day, so I skimmed Pinterest for some DIY July 4th projects and I came across a wreath that I adored. It has that shabby chic feel that’s evidently my style, and not only that, but I had all the materials readily available! Although, I must admit, I panicked when I realized I needed a wire hanger. I destest wire hangers! Yes, I love the movie Mommy Dearest (it’s one of my favorites) lol!!
“No…Wire…Hangers! What’s wire hangers doing in this closet when I told you: NO wire hangers EVER?” 😉

Anyways, this project was so easy and I adore how it turned out!

You’ll need:
• Scissors
• Three fabrics of your choice (I used an old pair of jeans, an old dress of my daughter’s and a scarf that I assumed I’d probably never wear again)
• One wire hanger
• Hot glue gun
• Patience

How I did it:
• Bent my hanger to make it round
• I cut my fabric into strips (about 8″ long and 1″ wide)
• Took my 1st strip of fabric and simply tied it around the hanger (rotated between the three fabrics)
• I wrapped the straps from my daughter’s dress around the top of the hanger and used the hot glue to secure it!
* It really is THAT simple

And now I have a beautiful Shabby Chic 4th of July Wreath! I’m sure I’ll be making one for Christmas and Halloween and Valentine’s Day when the time arrives-it’s just too cute and easy not to! 🙂
Happy Friday, friends! Have a great weekend!




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2 responses to “Shabby Chic 4th of July Wreath

  1. Ok, we all want to know…how long did it take? It’s so adorable and such a great use of scrap fabric! I have a wreath obsession so I think I need to add this one to my list! 😊

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    • Ha! Well, it’s hard to say since I tended to three kids during the whole process (“Im hungry, I’m bored, he’s being mean to me”…) but with all the cutting and tying I’d say 2-3 hours at best.

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