My vintage laundry room

Hello all! I’m sorry for my absence! I’ve been crazy busy with the move, but we’re getting settled…FINALLY! I’m having a great time decorating our new home. It’s all really starting to come together and our personalities are shining through with our decor.  I feel like it’s so important to decorate according to your personality. I appreciate everyone’s decorating sense but there’s a certain decor you’d never see in my home-not because it doesn’t look great but because it’s just not my style!

We searched for two years for a house (no joke!). Our realtor got to know us pretty well! My kids have spent more time with our realtor than their own family in the past 24 months! LoL! We were being pretty picky. I wanted an older home (for many reasons), we wanted a big yard, we didn’t want to move into a subdivision,  and we needed enough space for all three kids plus some! After an extremely emotional journey (the housing market is INSANE here) and walking through a house on day one on the market we finally got “the one”. I couldn’t be happier! The outside needs a lot of love but Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Anyway…it’s been nice putting the finishing touches in the rooms! I like to say that our style is shabby chic meets modern. I LOVE distressed furniture. I go crazy over vintage items-I’m obsessed over anything that reminds me of my Baci & Grandma. So, I decided to let them be my sole inspiration for my laundry room.

I went to our infamous ‘Antiques on the Bluff’ (in the pouring rain) this past Sunday with one thing in mind…old washboards. Long behold, I found two of them and snatched them both up. I even got a rainy day discount (SCORE!) Upon further searching I came across an old mason jar (which I’m also obsessed with) full of old buttons – talk about nostalgic! It totally took me back to my childhood. My Baci had a few jars full of buttons that she’d allow me to play with. So, I HAD to buy it! I knew she was smiling down from heaven watching me ecstatically make that purchase.

With all that being said I began project laundry room last night. And here’s project #1


To create the WASH & DRY old looking decor:
• I simply went into word and found some font I liked and printed each letter individually. I think I used like a 260 font.
• I actually folded and tore to make the squares the size I wanted.
• I preheated my ovens (yes, ovenS-double ovens are genius!) to 200°.
• I placed my squares onto baking sheets and poured my husband’s leftover coffee over the sheets. I used my finger to spread evenly.
• I took a paper towel and soaked up any remaining coffee.
• Placed in the oven until they were completely dry and the ends began to brown. Some letters took longer than others but just keep an eye on them and pull out when you’re satisfied! My dang ‘Y’ just refused to cooperate, so I actually did the coffee coating three times. It would dry, I’d pour more coffee and return it to the oven. Not sure why that one was so stubborn but O’Well. These projects certainly require patience.
• Once all my letters were dry I carried them to my laundry room.
• I hung twine with thumb tacks.
• Used my clothes pins to hang my letters from the twine…WALA!

  • You can see my washboards & jar of buttons too! 🙂

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