Nintendo DS Valentine’s Day Box

Yesterday I posted the Minecraft Valentine’s Day box that was created by yours truly. Today I will give you a much simpler, but just as cute idea!  The Nintendo DS Valentine’s Day box!

You will need:
• Shoe box
• Construction paper-color of your choice for the DS & black & white for the buttons
• Two pictures of a DS game of choice-you can google, find pictures you like, print, cut, and glue (example: I googled Super Mario Brothers, found these pix, printed, cut, glued…EASY!)
• Black marker for details
• Take a look at your child’s DS @ home or look at a picture off the internet and fill in the details.
• Don’t forget to neatly cut a slot in your box to fit the Valentines in!  🙂



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One response to “Nintendo DS Valentine’s Day Box

  1. Leanna Crees

    For the back part sticking up what did you use?


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