Motherhood: Fairytale-VS-Reality


FT: We will marry the perfect man. Our Prince Charming will ride in on a white horse and sweep us off our feet into a happily ever after.
R: Well…my Prince Charming rode in driving a Corsica (20 years ago), and let’s be frank-no one is perfect! We learn what’s “perfect” for us!

FT: Our kids will listen to everything we say.
R: We must repeat ourselves 22 times to get them to even aknowledge we exist.

FT: Our kids will never fight with each other & they’ll be best friends.
R: Your kids will fight like cats & dogs. They’ll make you wonder if they’ll grow up hating each other & if they’ll need therapy because of it.

FT: We’ll have a white picket fence in our front yard (with a cute little gate).
R: Do people really have white picket fences in their front yards?

FT: We’ll have two dogs in the window & a cute little cat named Buddy.
R: Someone in your house has severe allergies making it impossible to have furry pets in the house! (Lizard anyone?)

FT: Our kids will be so smart they’ll skip grades.
R: Our kids might be pretty darn smart, sure…but they’re no Doogie Howser.

FT: Our homes will never be messy & our kids will help clean.
R: We wonder if child services will show up at our front door b/c it’s so messy some days. As for the kids helping to clean-you must bribe them first!

FT: Our kids will eat and like everything we prepare (or at least most of it).
R: You feel like a short-order cook some days.

FT: Our kids won’t question us because we’ll raise them right & they feel no need to doubt us.
R: HA! Some days you’ll feel like a hostage negotiator. They’ll argue about anything & ask why about EVERYTHING!

FT: We will be the kind of mom that all the other moms long to be like.
R: You question yourself every single day as a mother! You wonder if you’re making the right decisions and if you’re a good enough parent (any mom who says she doesn’t question herself often is lying).

**We dream of our adult lives at a very young age & though it doesn’t turn out quite as we expected life is still great! If we can’t laugh at ourselves and if we take everything too seriously we will never get out alive. 🙂

Happy Sunday!!!


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