Christmas Candy Cane Vase

Want to make a crafty Christmas gift for your kids’ teacher, neighbor, friend? How about this adorable Candy Cane vase?


What at you will need:
• Boxes of Candy Canes (get at least six boxes, to be safe)
• Construction Paper (color of your choice. I used red)
• Hot glue gun, glue sticks, super glue
• Christmas ribbon
• Christmas bow
• Glass vase (I bought mine on clearance at Target)
• Flowers to place in your finished vase

What to do:
• Wrap a piece of construction paper around your vase and glue it. I actually used super glue for this part. (I have found that the candy canes stick better to the paper, rather than straight to the glass).
• Glue your candy canes around the vase (leave them in the wrapper).
• Use your ribbon and bow to decorate as you see fit
• Fill vase with water
• Place your flowers in…WALA!


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