I’ve been published!

I started a blog with no real intention in mind. I’ve always really enjoyed writing. I’ve always really loved to take pictures. A few of my friends suggested I start a blog, so I did. I figured with all three kids in school full time it would be a good time to start. It gives me something to focus my attention on. It allows me to do what I love, write. I get to write about the things I deal with and do on a daily basis. It’s a win win.

I had no idea how much time and effort actually goes into blogging. I had to do a lot of research on creating my own site. There were things I never heard of or thought of before I began my blog: widgets, html codes, archive lists, RSS feed, blog carnivals, permalinks, ping backs, post slugs, etc…It was pretty overwhelming at first. I caught on to most things and I’m still learning about others.

I must admit, it was pretty exciting getting those first few email notifications indicating I had new followers (people other than my friends and family). Perfect strangers were reading my thoughts and ideas.
I created a Facebook page and a Twitter account for my site-just another way to get my stuff read. Long behold, I had a reporter in the UK contact me via Twitter about some of my Halloween food creations. She asked if she could feature my photos in their newspaper.  I was ecstatic! There were people in a whole other country reading my stuff! (Who would have thought?!)
FoodStoriesBlog.com also tweeted about my Halloween fruit skewer stuffed pumpkin, which quadrupled my site’s views.
So, all in all, my two months of blogging has been a really positive and encouraging experience. Who knows where it will lead, but I’m excited to find out!

Here is the PDF view of the North Devon Journal’s feature on my Halloween food creations.





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4 responses to “I’ve been published!

  1. How wonderful Andrea, congratulations! You deserve it, too, as your ideas are so cute and clever. Best, Karen 🙂


  2. Congratulations!!! I’m happy for you 🙂


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