Halloween Craft-Monster Bowling Game

I’m in charge of planning the girls’ Halloween party for their class this year.  I came up with this monster bowling game. I absolutely love the way it all came together!!!

Things I used:
• Six Pringles cans-washed out & dried
• Comstruction paper-assorted colors
• Googley eyes (can purchase these at any craft store)
• Gauze (for the mummy)
• Scissors, glue sticks, hot glue gun, paint
• Rubber bouncy ball

How I did it:
• Took the construction paper and wrapped it around the can (I used hot glue on this part)
• Created different faces for the different monsters (I used a glue stick to attach the paper faces)
• Used the hot glue gun to attach the googley eyes
• I used gauze for the mummy-first I wrapped the can in black construction paper and then used the gauze. (I used hot glue to glue the ends of the gauze)
• I painted the bouncy ball all white, allowed it to dry and then drew on the eye ball and red veins




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