Fun with Food-noodle necklaces

Need something fun to do with your kids? Give these noodle necklaces a try! It’s so easy and they’re so much fun!!

What you’ll need:
• Uncooked pasta noodles-use tubed pasta (you need to be able to string the noodles onto your necklace)
• Food coloring
• Rubbing alcohol
• Baggies (I used gallon zip locks because I dyed a lot of noodles)
• String (or whatever you choose as your necklace)

What you do:
• Throw your uncooked pasta into baggies (separate ones for each color)
• Put several drops of food coloring in with your noodles
• Add 1 1/2 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol in with the food coloring
• Seal your baggies and shake until your noodles are completely coated

• Wait about ten minutes and then open your baggies
• Allow them to air out for about 15 minutes
• Dump your colored noodles out onto paper towels, wax paper, or cookie sheets (do NOT use tin foil, as your noodles will stick!)
• Let your colored noodles dry overnight
• Put your noodles onto the string and create a cool necklace!



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