Halloween Healthy Snack Idea

My daughter has her snack day today, so my husband and I put this treat together last night for her class! I’ll admit, my husband is a MUCH better artist than I am-he created the face on the pumpkin. Addyson is such a little princess, so we had to make it a very girly pumpkin! She absolutely LOVED it!
It’s a great idea for a class party or for a home Halloween party! It’s actually quite simple but leaves a lasting impression!

• Medium sized pumpkin
• Wooden Skewers
• Small drill bit (the drill bit was only necessary in the area by the stem, otherwise the skewers just slid right in)
• Paint
• Fruit of your choice

• Drill your holes 1st or at least mark where you want your skewers to go-leave about 1.5-2″ space between each hole
• Create the face you want your pumpkin to have
• Thread your skewers with your fruit pieces
• Place your skewers into the pumpkin creating a beautiful arrangement
* (There are 27 skewers here)


This next pic is the pumpkin I made for my son’s class Halloween party



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