Sunday Breakfast

One of my favorite breakfast foods to make (and eat) is an egg sandwich! It’s so easy & tastes so good! I swear it’s better than McDonald’s English Muffin Sandwiches!
I’ll be back later to share my Sunday Snapshot! Have a blessed day!!

• English Muffin
• Butter
• Cooked ham (chopped)
• Cheese (I prefer American)

• Throw some butter in your cooking pan, turn on medium heat
• Fry up your egg-prepare like you’re making sunny side up, but break the yolk (make sure you flip egg & cook both sides)
• Take some of your ham & cook in the butter next to your egg
• After you’ve flipped your egg set your ham on top of the egg, add cheese (I use a half piece of cheese for each sandwich)
• Using a spatula, scoop up your egg/ham/cheese & set on the bottom half of your english muffin
• Return to pan
• Set your top half of the english muffin on top & flip (this simply toasts your English muffin & gives it a little flavor)
• Remove from pan, set on plate, and serve




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4 responses to “Sunday Breakfast

  1. it sure looks better than mcD’s too! 😛 yumm

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  2. Any time is breakfast time! This looks so good I may make it for a midnight snack! 🙂


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