Halloween Happenings…

I love Fall. I love the colors of the trees. I love the smell of the crisp, cool air. I love bon-fires and roasting marshmallows. I love football season. I love all the Fall festivals. I love fall decor and pumpkin spiced anything. And I REALLY love Halloween! I love hyping up the kids on picking out their costumes! I love carving pumpkins and taking the kids Trick or Treating! October is probably my favorite month of the year!

As the month progresses I’ll be sharing some of my fun ‘anticipating Halloween’ ideas…

Pictured below is the Jack O Lantern stuffed peppers I made.

I simply used pumpkin carving tools (the ones you buy at Target or Walmart) to carve a face.  I stuffed them with ground turkey (seasoned, of course), rice, and homemade pasta sauce. What a great way to make dinner fun & get everyone excited for Halloween! Give it a try!!!

• One pound ground turkey
• One cup of rice
• Pasta sauce (make it homemade or buy from the store)
• 4-5 Orange peppers (cut off tops but leave stem intact, deseed)

• Preheat oven to 350°
• Brown your ground turkey
• Cook rice according to directions on box
• Prepare your sauce
• Mix your cooked ground turkey, rice & sauce in a large bowl
• Fill your carved peppers with the turkey/rice/sauce filling
• Place peppers in baking dish-you’ll want to cook the top part of the peppers, too…So, get some tin foil & make a tent & cover.
• Bake for at least an hour OR until peppers become soft

** There are so many ways to make stuffed peppers! How do you prepare yours? Tell me in the comments!




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2 responses to “Halloween Happenings…

  1. What a great idea 🙂 My girls love stuffed peppers!

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