Friday is here!


Good Morning!
Today is our big fundraising event at the kids school, so I’ll be helping out with that. I absolutely LOVE being at the school with all those smiling kids. It really makes my heart happy (as cheesy as that may sound). Those kids can really brighten my day. I love meeting all the teachers and parents. It surely makes me realize how much I would have loved teaching. “It’s never too late”, they say! 🙂
I am so grateful that I am able to stay at home and give my children the memories of really being around and being involved with their school. It’s something my kids will always remember.
Tell your kids you love them! Tell everyone important to you how much they mean to you. A few simple words can change a person’s life. Nobody ever gets sick of hearing how truly loved and appreciated they are.
I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! I’ll be posting some new recipes this weekend.



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2 responses to “Friday is here!

  1. A lovely post! Thanks for sharing 😉

    Your pal,
    David Long


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