My Dirty Little Secret


I have a secret (we all have them)…

I’ll be honest, I absolutely HATE doing laundry! The washing and drying isn’t so bad-it’s the folding and putting away that pains me! But the worst thing, for me, is matching up socks! First of all, half the socks seem to disappear into that unknown sock abyss. Where do they go? I’m convinced there’s a huge warehouse somewhere with all the socks who have no partners. And listen, I KNOW I’m not the only one with this problem! It’s a real thing-socks disappear! You put them in the washer, move to the dryer, take them out when they’re done drying & go to fold-you see that there are missing socks. You backtrack your steps to the laundry room wondering if you dropped it somewhere along the way…it’s not on the floor! You open the dryer to see if it was left in there…nope! You’re flabbergasted, because you know you threw both of those socks in to be washed! It’s happened so often that you just walk away. You no longer drive yourself insane looking for that damn missing sock. You must carry on with life! You cut your losses. If we continue to contemplate the mystery of missing socks we’d all need therapy! It’s just one of those unanswered questions in life.
So, I’ve given up. I’ve decided there’s no use in matching up socks and putting them away neatly in a drawer. Nope! However, I’ve created a new problem…
I now have bins and baskets filled with a million socks! Yep, all five of my family’s socks are just thrown together. There’s no ryme or reason to it! Morning time comes and I’m rummaging through piles and piles of socks to find a matching pair for myself and the kids. This makes my hectic mornings even crazier! I mean, I’ll find a sock to wear and start searching for it’s mate, unsure if its partner even exists! It’s painful. I’m embarrassed of it (I’m a pretty organized person). Something needs to change! My sister-in-law suggested I just throw them all away and start all over! (GASP!)
With all that being said, today is the day, people! I’m going to go through all these socks and separate and match! I’m going to suck it up and let go of all those socks that I don’t have matches for! Wish I had the address to that sock warehouse because I’d send all the lingering socks with no mates there and contribute to the cause!



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2 responses to “My Dirty Little Secret

  1. Steph

    Good luck sorting! I keep any unmatched sock for a week and if the match hasn’t been found it goes in the trash……although it is quite frustrating when that match finally shows itself again and I already threw away its partner!!!!


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