Mommy Sick? I think NOT!


I’ve been sick-the kind of sick that makes me wish someone would just put me out of my misery (know what I’m talking about?) My head has been throbbing non-stop, my throat feels like I’m swallowing razor blades, I’m tired as all heck, and I’m pretty sure I’m never going to breathe through my nose like I did before this thing got a hold of me!
This sickness has caused a lot of turmoil, including (but not limited to): missing a trip home (to Ohio), having to back out of my fourth half marathon run (there are no words for this disappointment), not being able to make my Room Parent meeting, missing a family party and a friend’s 40th birthday surprise party. My house is a mess, laundry has been piling up, and my kids have been neglected.
So, now that you have an understanding of how sick I’ve been (if you don’t, forget it…just keep reading) we can move on…
I fell asleep on the couch yesterday afternoon on accident. I was doing the best thing for this headache-giving it rest. I was sound asleep, subconsciously enjoying every second of inner peace. My peaceful moment was interrupted when I heard,
“MOM! MOM! MOM! Will you download this game for me? MOM! WILL YOU DOWNLOAD THIS GAME FOR ME?”
I’m pretty sure I thought I was dreaming. I ignored the voice in my ear!
The ‘you don’t love me’ line was all I needed to pop back into reality. I opened one eye and yelled back,
“I will not download a game! How are you going to harass me while I’m sleeping?”
Adryanna begins crying and runs into her room claiming that I do not love her! (UGH!)
I had a small debate in my mind:
‘Should I go back to sleep OR should I comfort my daughter and tell her I do, in fact, love her?’ I mean, is my love really measured by whether or not I download a game for her on the iPad…in my sleep? (I think not).
I got up and and apologized to my daughter for raising my voice. I really meant no harm. I was simply asleep and basking in this sickness that has literally been sucking the life out of me. I had ANOTHER chat with her (the 102nd one in a week), explaining that Mommy just isn’t feeling well and I’m not myself! I also explained that it was very inconsiderate of her to harass me about downloading a game while I’m in a dead sleep (especially when Dad is in the next room).
She apologized. Sixty seconds passed and she said,
“Mommy, will you download this game for me?”
We all learned a valuable lesson here…Adryanna learned she shouldn’t interrupt Mommy while sick and napping. However, I learned that learning & actually caring is two very different things. I also learned that being sick is completely unacceptable in my house.


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