An open letter to my children: my wish for you…

My wish for you is that you follow all your dreams.
I pray that you find real happiness and never have to pretend.
My wish for you is that you graduate from college, obtain a degree, have a successful career, and are able to support yourself.
My wish is that you become so confident in yourself that no goal seems out of reach.
I hope that you never have to question anyone if you’re good enough and/or loved.
My wish is that you always keep your head held high and believe, deeply, in yourself.
I hope that you grow up with enough self worth that you’re able to bow out gracefully in any situation that you’re not happy in.
I pray that you always remain strong and in control.
May you never underestimate yourself and simply settle.
My wish is that you really believe that you truly are the best-and you deserve only the best.
I hope you know that I am your number one fan. I will love you no matter what you do.
It is my hope, that no matter how successful you become, you remain forever humble and grateful.
Every night I pray that you never stop being kind, and you never stop believing you’re important.
Please know that you can be anything you want to be. You can accomplish anything you want to accomplish. You can overcome any obstacle thrown your way! Your future is bright!
You are awesome. Let your awesome shine, always.
I love you with every beat of my heart & every ounce of my soul…Never, ever forget that!
You are my whole world and everything I do, every choice I make, is solely for you.



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