My Love/Hate Relationship With Sundays


I have a VERY difficult time agreeing with the fact that Sundays are the first day of the week. I mean, who made this rule? (Ok, I am sure many of you know the answer to this question-so, I’ll google it later!)
Sundays clearly mark the end of the week for myself & family. Sunday is the last day of our weekend. It’s the only day we get to sleep in. It’s the day of rest and relaxation (we can stay in our pajamas all day if we want) It’s the only day we don’t normally have any plans (except church, if we make it. Don’t judge) It’s family day: there are games to play, football games to watch, treats to make.
I kind of love Sundays!
Sundays, though, mean Monday is just right around the corner-mere hours away (ugh). The kids go back to school and the husband returns to work. I begin mentally preparing myself for the week ahead: Do we have enough groceries? Are there enough items for lunches? Did the kids finish all their homework? Are there any appointments this week? What days am I volunteering? Who has sports, what days? Do one of the kids have a snack day this week? (Oh, how I HATE snack days) Does the dog have enough food to survive? (Yes, I ask myself this.)
It seems there are a million preparations that need done on Sundays.
As it turns out, I need to buy 27 snacks for Tuesday and 27 separate snacks for Wednesday b/c the twins have their ‘leader days’ this week. I should also pick up dog food because it’s running low (Why does everyone need to eat so much? Seriously!)
Oh, and Sebastian needs poster board for a project, the girls need to decide what they want to take in for show-and-tell, football pants & jersey need washed, and Addyson wants to wear her favorite dress tomorrow.
So, before I know it-I’m cleaning out the fridge, making room for the groceries I’m about to go buy (I HATE cleaning out the fridge). I begin running the dishwasher (I forgot to push start last night). I start washing a load of laundry because that dress needs clean and my son’s football pants are dirty.
Then I get dressed and ready. I get in the car with list in hand. I head to the store to get everything we need for the week (which starts tomorrow, on Monday).
I kind of hate Sundays!

Do you love OR hate Sundays? Why?

I’m going to keep my Sunday posts fairly sweet & simple. I’ve also decided to add a photo from the week every Sunday, deeming it ‘Snapshot Sunday’. I hope everyone has a great week!


We saw this rainbow yesterday while at my son’s football game!



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2 responses to “My Love/Hate Relationship With Sundays

  1. Meg

    I share the same feeling for Sundays. Day to relax before a busy week, HOWEVER…its also the day that the most has to get done before the busy week. Ugh. Sundays and Mondays. Yuck


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