Remembering & Never Forgetting…

I am up late thinking about what my next blog post should be about. I came up with some ideas but nothing seemed worthy enough, especially on a day like today, September 11th.
Isn’t it hard to believe that it’s been 13 years since that horrific day in America, when we were attacked on our own soil-four airliners highjacked: two of which crashed into and took down the twin towers in New York City, a third plane crashed into the pentagon, and a fourth plane-believed to have been heading towards the White House, crashed into a field in Pennsylvania (after the plane’s passengers tried to overtake the hijackers.) It’s been documented that almost THREE THOUSAND people were killed that day.
I remember the day so well. I was driving to work. It was a gorgeous day in Northeast Ohio. I can remember looking up at the bluest sky thinking how beautiful it was. That’s when I first heard the news on the radio. I was 21 at the time and I just couldn’t grasp the severity of what was happening. I obviously realized the magnitude of the matter as the day progressed. I remember watching the live coverage-fire, people jumping, and ultimately the towers crumbling. Gosh, I remember how scared and sad I felt. It was so surreal. I swear, it still feels like yesterday.
I think about how many people were affected by that day: thousands of people lost loved ones, thousands of people walked out of their homes that morning-having not the slightest clue that it would be their last day on earth and lives would forever be changed.
It was truly a tragedy. A horrible, sad, emotional, gut-wrenching tragedy. One that is embedded in my memory until the day I die, I’m sure.
On days like today I hug my kids a little tighter. Life happens, loss and heartache happen every single minute of every single day.
We need to remember to tell our loved ones how much we love and appreciate them. We need to remember that we are not promised tomorrow. We need to remember that our own plans are not always God’s plans. Most importantly, we must remember to live life to the fullest.
God bless all the people whose lives are still traumatically affected by the events of September 11, 2001.

Where were you 13 years ago when you first heard the news?





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