Burger King: NOT my way!!

Adventure 2…

This story is worth sharing because it’s laughable, the laugh from your belly laughable (at least I think so)…
My son had his friend over the other day. I forgot to take some kind of meat out of the freezer for dinner (oops). I didn’t want to look bad in front of the eight-year-old neighbor boy so I opted to go pick up some fast food! Ok, so I lose points in healthy mom world but clearly won points with my son’s friend-that’s obviously the important thing here (DUH)! So, neighbor boy picked Burger King. I wrote down all six orders and headed on my way. I was a mess, I had been working on my new chalk painting obsession all day. I was wearing sweats, had paint all over my shirt, not even sure I brushed my hair. (it was in a bun). You know how some people can be a total mess but still look put together somehow? Yep…I am NOT one of those people! Anyways, I pull up to the drive-thru window and begin my order.
I can immediately hear the agitation in the drive-thru girl’s voice, “Is that all?” She asks (not so pleasantly).
I kindly tell her I have a few more orders. I begin telling her the third meal on my list-it was simply the  original chicken sandwich combo.
With a sigh, she says (not pleasantly), “Is THAT all?”
I respond by telling her I have a couple more things (getting a bit annoyed myself at her attitude). I start reciting my fourth meal request.
Drive-thru worker girl cuts me off mid-sentence and says, “You’ve reached your limit!”
I’m flabbergasted! I look around and say, “EXCUSE ME?!”
She then replies, “You’ve reached your ordering limit at the drive-thru window! Can you just come inside and order?!”
I looked around again, thinking to myself, ‘Is this a joke?! Am I on candid camera? I am not dressed for a TV appearance!’ I explore the idea of a sign telling all drive-thru seekers that they can only order a limited amount of food. Nope, nothing….
I thought about just leaving. I mean, this was CRAZY! But I was not going to return home without neighbor boy’s original chicken sandwich, with no cheese meal. So, I stomped my not-so-pretty looking self inside (ready to raise a fit). I swear everyone was staring at me when I walked in. I didn’t know if it was because I looked like I had just rolled out of bed OR because they all knew what had just taken place at the drive-thru window (either way-I was ready for whatever was next). The manager met me at the counter. I didn’t say a word. She spoke first,
“M’am, I am SOOOO sorry…I told her that she cannot tell someone at the drive-thru that they have to come in and get their food!”
I calmed a bit, “Ok! I was wondering if it was a new rule or something!? And not only that, she was very mean about the whole thing!”
Without hesitation she said, “I really do apologize about that! You can order 40 meals at the drive-thru if you want!”
Phew…I’m glad I got that cleared up. After all, isn’t Burger King’s famous slogan, “Have it your way”? They clearly weren’t living up to that motto!
So, I begin placing my order at the counter, with the manager. In the middle of ordering (which seemed like deja vu), a third girl enters the scenario. She begins telling the manager (in front of me) that drive-thru worker girl was in the bathroom crying!
She says (and I quote), “I told her she a grown woman with a job now and she can’t be cryin’ in the bathroom!”
I’m at a loss for words. I begin looking around for that hidden camera again! I’m sure I’m being punked.
I say out loud, “I didn’t mean to upset anyone or get anyone in trouble!” Now I’m suddenly feeling bad for ordering too much food at the drive-thru window & ruining some poor girl’s day. Ugh! I get my drinks, I get my food (three trips later) to the car, and head home. I called my mom to tell her about it all (no one would ever believe it). We laughed so hard about the whole thing we cried.
The words: “you’ve reached your limit at the drive-thru” have continuously replayed in my head…and I laugh and I laugh!

Sometimes the most frustrating, insane moments become our best (and funniest) memories!

PS: Neighbor boy ate his entire chicken sandwich happily, not having a clue what I had just gone through for him! Some day (years from now) I may just tell him!

NOT my way!

NOT my way!



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5 responses to “Burger King: NOT my way!!

  1. Any story that begins with “I didn’t want to look bad in front of the eight-year-old neighbor boy…” is not going to end on a healthy note.


  2. Leslie

    Hahahahhaha!!!!! Wow.. Is all I can say!


  3. My reaction may have been completely different on another day but it was comical that day! LOL!


  4. I thought of you today as I drove by!!


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