Adventure 1: Curtain Fail!

Adventure #1: Curtain Fail!!! (Average Decorating Skills)

So…apparently my husband has a thing against curtains, taupe curtains especially. Keep in mind that we are currently renovating our bedroom. Anyways, during my trip out to run some errands I made a trip to TJ Maxx. I saw this great deal on some pretty nice curtains ($25 for two panels) four panels for $50–not too bad, right?! I was so excited! I stood there thinking to myself, ‘FINALLY curtains! They are the perfect color, perfect fabric! YaY me!!’ I hadn’t taken measurements. They looked like they’d work (hey, in my defense I didn’t even set out to purchase curtains)! They practically fell into my lap. It was as if a higher force led me right to them! I couldn’t wait to get home and get those babies hung!
My husband was rockin’ out on his guitar when i returned home! It was Friday night. He’s been stressed at work! I knew he just wanted to relax! I knew I had to approach this carefully! I knew he wouldn’t be thrilled about the curtains to begin with, let alone jump for joy to hang them! BUT…u know what they say, “happy wife, happy life!” So…I presented the bag and pulled out those curtains like I’d struck gold. His facial expression spoke volumes. He was less than thrilled with my choice! We hung the first set anyways….and wouldn’t you know, they were too long, like way too long! I was DEVASTATED! I tried to bunch them, see if they’d work if I tied them back. NOPE! I could practically hear the cheers in my husband’s head. It annoyed me. It put a small damper on the night! Then I got mad at the curtains, too! I cursed the taupe color that I’ve fallen in love with!! So, I folded my new enemies in the manner in which I purchased them. I returned them to the store. As the cashier handed me my $52.98 credit receipt I smiled inside, wondering if those same taupe curtains would be the subject of another husband/wife spat OR end up hanging on a wall, falling perfectly to the floor, making someone else’s bedroom nice and cozy?!

…I shall keep you posted on the curtain saga….

This is what started it all!

This is what started it all!


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